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"An eye-opener for anyone who thinks that coaching the game of football is about the game. It’s about the footballers“ - Uli Hesse

"A fascinating insight into the mindset of German coaches today. Harding explores what makes a great coach and explains why Germany produces so many of them. This book will benefit anyone interested in talent development - highly recommended!” - Ben Lyttleton

“Harding’s deep dive into the humanity at the heart of talent development in Germany leaves you feeling hugely optimistic for the future of football” - Raphael Honigstein

What sets modern German coaching apart? Jonathan Harding explores the reasons why German coaches are so successful, and what lies beyond the cones in dealing with player’s personalities.

Featuring interviews and insight from Hannes Wolf, Frank Wormuth, Daniel Niedzkowski, Lars Kornetka and many more, this is Mensch, coming soon from Ockley Books.

Jonathan Harding is a freelance sports journalist who specialises in German football. He writes predominantly for Deutsche Welle, but has also contributed to the likes of FourFourTwo, Rabona Magazine and 11 Freunde. Jonathan has lived in Germany since 2012.