David Hartrick

So first the bad news for those of you looking to order; we have indeed sold all 1000 copies of Daniel Storey's Portrait of an Icon in aid of The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. The demand has been overwhelming and we never expected to sell out so quickly. The link went live at 12 o'clock and twelve hours later here we are, all sold out.

So to the good news, we're going to get a second print run asap. We want to make as much as possible for The SBRF and knowing lots of you still want to order we're going to sort out some more stock just as soon as we can. We'll give you the details when we have them, it will be a finite number again but we hope to get things sorted within a day or two and let you know exactly when you can get hold of one - bear with us!

**UPDATE, 08.08.2017**

Okay, you ordered, we listened.

We have managed to organise 3000 more copies of Portrait of an Icon to go with the initial 1000 so hopefully nobody misses out. If we sell out of those we will gauge interest and possibly do more, but we can't guarantee that at this stage and again it would be a finite and probably final amount.

We're going to make The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation an awful lot of money between us so thank you for your interest, orders, help spreading the word, and generosity. The response has been amazing, you lot are incredible.

So at 12:30 today we go live with copies to sell again, this has caused a small delay on shipment but everyone who orders/has ordered will have a book before the end of the month.

Again, thank you, it's been an amazing few days.